Our Guarantee, Plain and Simple
It is important for us to communicate with our students honestly and transparently, which is why we have written the contract in plain language. Now, everyone can understand it—no dictionary or legal education required
What do we guarantee
  • We will refund your money within 30 days for any reason
  • If you don't find a job within 6 months after completing the course, we will refund the full cost.
We expect from you that you
  • 1
    Watch all the video lessonsty
  • 2
    Complete all homework assignment
  • 3
    Attend all live streams or watch their recordings
  • 4
    Be an active member of your group's student community
  • 5
    Study additional materials
  • 6
    Proactively search for employment after completing the course
  • 7
    Regularly create content on LinkedIn and expand networkingal materials
What will we be doing for this
  • 1
    We will provide access to content that meets market demands
  • 2
    Review your homework
  • 3
    Provide feedback in the chat and during live streams
  • 4
    Find interesting partners for internships and potential employment.
  • 5
    We will issue a certificate of course completion and validate it on our website in the graduates section.
Below you can read more about our guarantee in detail.
This guarantee applies to students who register on or after the effective date and only if there is a reference to the BDR ACADEMY guarantee in the agreement between BDR ACADEMY and the student.
This guarantee applies only to students who have fulfilled all the conditions as more fully set forth in the "Candidate Requirements" section below.

Welcome to BDR ACADEMY's online education management platform (“BDR ACADEMY”, “we” and “us”) where students and instructors can more effectively communicate and learn. Education partners and BDR ACADEMY are interested in your success and will provide you with comprehensive support as you transition to your technical career. We confirm our commitment to the following BDR ACADEMY guarantee: provided you fully and continuously comply with the conditions set forth below, BDR ACADEMY will refund 100% of your advance payment for the applicable training program as defined below if you are not offered a suitable position (as defined in the Terms) within the certification guarantee period. We will refund the money within a week after studying the student's report on the work done. We guarantee that you will receive a salary of at least $2000 per month.

The applicable training program means the course taught by our education partners as of the date of publication of this guarantee on the BDR ACADEMY website or after such date. The guarantee is applicable only if there is a reference to it in the agreement signed between BDR ACADEMY and the student.

Starting a career or transitioning to the business development industry requires purposeful, sequential efforts. We have made significant efforts to help you make this transition and ask for the same commitment from you. In particular, you must meet the requirements below to be eligible for the BDR ACADEMY guarantee. If these requirements are not met, you may still participate in the training program and receive all the benefits of career support, but you will not be eligible for the BDR ACADEMY guarantee.


The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the BDR ACADEMY guarantee:
Qualification Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • By the end of the course, you must pass one of the independent online English proficiency tests and confirm that your level is B2.
  • You must complete all course assignments.

If the student has completed all course assignments and continued to send personalized letters for six months after completing the course but could not find a job, we will refund the amount spent by him on the course.
You must be able to pass any background checks related to the vacancies for which you are applying. Without limiting the foregoing, if you fail to receive a job offer directly or in part because you did not pass the background check related to the job offer, you will not be eligible for the BDR ACADEMY guarantee. You must make all payments on time and in accordance with your payment plan as set forth in the agreement between you and BDR ACADEMY.

The "Guarantee Period" means a period of 6 months (or a longer period as indicated below) commencing on the date of receipt of the completion certificate. The guarantee period may be terminated or extended by BDR ACADEMY unilaterally for a period of up to six months if there is a natural disaster, including reasons related to COVID-19 and mass vaccination, or other event beyond BDR ACADEMY's control at any time during the guarantee period that would disrupt the labor market at the national level.

Commitment to the training program and your own success

We require that you fully dedicate yourself to job search and take our instructions seriously. As a graduate of the BDR ACADEMY training program, we expect you to be an active participant in your own success and to make significant efforts to grow and find a job on your own. Therefore, in order for the career guarantee to be applicable:
You must complete all course assignments, as well as the following requirements:

  • sending a minimum of 20 LinkedIn connection requests daily for 5 working days per week during 6 months after training
  • sending a minimum of three personalized letters once a week during 6 months after training
  • publishing posts in LinkedIn at least 1 time a week after training
  • you must regularly provide a report on the results of your job search
  • You must attend interviews if your employer is interested in your candidacy. The interview with the hiring manager may be conducted in person, via video chat, or over the phone. Being consistent in your communication, including networking and follow-up activities, is critical to your job search success.
  • You should not refuse job offers with a salary of $2,000 and above.
  • You must schedule calls with your career mentor at the frequency specified by the mentor/coach, if included in the package.
  • You should listen to the recommendations of your team of career mentors and follow their instructions regarding your job search strategy, including building your network and applying for suitable positions, if included in the package. You should apply for positions that match your areas of expertise and maintain realistic expectations about what first job is right for you.
  • You must provide the BDR ACADEMY career team with a weekly report of job search-related activities, including all job applications submitted and networking efforts made. You agree to provide the BDR ACADEMY team with additional job-related information upon our request.
  • You must respond to BDR ACADEMY job-related messages within 24 hours, if included in the package.
  • You must always make reasonable and good faith efforts to obtain a position that meets the requirements.

How This Guarantee Applies to You

Without limiting the foregoing, situations that invalidate this BDR ACADEMY guarantee and render it void include, but are not limited to (at the sole discretion of BDR ACADEMY):

  • You decline an offer for a qualified position.
  • You decide not to conduct a job search during all or part of the guarantee period.
  • You decide to seek a role that does not meet the above qualification criteria or is outside the technology industry.
  • You accept a role that does not meet the above qualification criteria or is outside the technology industry before the end of the guarantee period.
  • You do not make sufficient and consistent efforts to search for a job as described above.
  • You do not want or are unable to live and/or work in the United States.
  • You do not maintain regular contact with the BDR ACADEMY career mentors throughout your search, including notifying us of any offers received.
  • You lose your work authorization or you do not have work authorization that meets the above requirements during your search, even if you expected to obtain authorization or previously had authorization that met the work requirements during your training program.
  • You become physically or mentally unable to conduct an effective job search as described above during the training program or guarantee period.
  • You substantially change your job search strategy during the guarantee period without obtaining prior written consent from the BDR ACADEMY team.
  • You fail to timely and professionally complete the interview process for qualified positions, including, but not limited to, not participating in interviews as expected by the employer, providing timely responses to employer messages, showing up for interviews on time, and providing requested documents or follow-up actions as expected by employers.
  • You do not apply for a job that matches your education or experience, as discussed in your conversations with the BDR ACADEMY career mentor team.
  • You choose to start your own business or work as a freelancer.
  • You change your LinkedIn profile and/or resume without confirming it in writing with your mentor.

Certificate for Refund

If you believe you are entitled to a refund, you must provide written and signed confirmation that you have fulfilled all the requirements set forth in these Terms and have not been offered any qualified positions to info@bdr.academy within one calendar month following the expiration of the guarantee period.

General This warranty and the BDR ACADEMY Terms, along with the BDR ACADEMY Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Refund and Cancellation Policy, establish a full understanding between you and BDR ACADEMY regarding your right to receive the BDR ACADEMY Warranty. Any provision of these Terms that is unenforceable does not affect the enforceability of any other provision. BAR ACADEMY has the right, at its sole discretion, to determine whether the Conditions have been met and whether you are entitled to a refund of your advance payment.
Similarly, BDR ACADEMY may waive any violations at its sole discretion