Watch short videos of BDR from Dan's latest webinar.
Also on this page, we detail the course program and the cost of participation.
All about BDR salaries: base and average remuneration when KPIs are met
  • Is it possible to reach $ 125,000+ in annual earnings after a few years of B2B work at SaaS companies?
  • Why BDR is not an easy walk? What are the pitfalls of BDR and what do they have to deal with?
Why do they need BDRs in the sales department of IT companies?
Who's Dan Gridin?
  • What is the SaaS market? For those who know nothing about technology IT companies
  • What exactly do BDR’s do and why do companies need them? Useful to watch if you still don't understand what BDRs do.
How will the BDR profession help you earn more from Dan's example and who is Dan Gridin anyway?
Online course program from BDR Academy
5-month program
Each student gets a real case to work on – this is practical experience – twice a month additional sessions within the coach group to help solve real business cases.
How learning works
The learning process depends on the choice of the tariff plan, which includes several steps:
  • Video Lesson Viewing
    Students will spend 2−3 hours per week watching recorded video lessons.
  • Homework Completion
    We will provide students with homework assignments that will take approximately 5-7 hours per week to complete.
  • Homework Review + Discussion
    Every two weeks, we will hold a call to review students' homework and answer any questions they may have.
Additionally, students have access to a group chat where they can discuss their homework and other questions of interest with other students. Our goal is to provide a highly effective learning process for each student, and our team is always ready to assist students in achieving this goal
How much does it cost to participate in the course?
Participation options
Only for people who pass the selection process and are qualified to receive a guarantee, we offer the tariff — In a group with support. This tariff allows for a 100% money-back guarantee
In a group with support
Access to recorded materials and instructions
Templates and checklists
Video lessons for 5 months
Group calls with feedback from our experts — 2.5 hours every 2 weeks
All modules included
Additional lesson and templates to find a job after completing the course
Guarantee of employment after completing the course
Access to business tasks from our partners and the opportunity to start earning during training
(we will refund 100% of the cost of training if each student completes the course, follows our job search recommendations, but doesn’t find a job with a salary of at least $2000 per month within 6 months after completing the course)