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Why it's profitable for U.S. companies to hire people from South America/Africa/Asia?
How to check the average salary of BDR?
And why do companies pay so much to BDRs ($2000-3000+)?
How much can you earn after 5-10 years in B2B sales? What is the career path?
Quiz to determine if you are a good fit for the BDR position.
How many SaaS companies are out there?
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At the end of this page you find quiz to determine if you are a good fit for the BDR position. If you pass it, you will get another 20% discount on my course where I teach BDR profession with job security.
Why it's profitable for U.S. companies to hire people from South America/Africa/Asia?
Because US companies can save money on labor costs and recruit a highly motivated BDR with a good level of English who will perform as well or even better than a person hired from the US.

For example, minimum (lowest 10%) monthly BDR salary in the US* — $3,259.

And they can pay you from $2000 and you will be better motivated than a US citizen as $3259 is not a great salary to live in the USA.

And if you live in South America, you won't have to finish your workday too late, since your time zone is the same or slightly different from the time zone in the USA. It also increases the chances of you getting hired.
How many SaaS companies are out there?
The SaaS market is quite large. If you search Google for more information about it, you will see that there are more than 30 800+ of them. Click here to check.
Moreover, by 2030, the market for SaaS companies will grow from USD 261.15 billion to USD 819.23 billion in revenue.
That's according to a report from Grand View Research
Grand View Research
Grand View Research is an India & U.S. based market research and consulting company. The company provides syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and consulting services. Grand View Research database is used by the world's renowned academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies to understand the global and regional business environment.
Here you can check the average salary of BDR from the independent source RepVue.
They specialize in sales job market analysis and gather analytics on salaries, trends and employer company rankings.
Why do companies pay so much to BDRs?
The duration of the video is only 1.5 minutes
A US company can derive more value from your work. As a BDR specialist, you can help a company generate sales of $ 100,000, $ 300,000, $ 800,000 or even $ 5M a year. Companies are willing to pay for the additional sales you bring to them.
The US economy is strong, with average salaries several times higher than in other countries.
How much can you earn after 5−10 years in B2B sales? What is the career path?
So, if you know English, you have the opportunity to start your career in the SaaS industry in a BDR position and it will be very promising.

And by the way, your initial earnings of $2000 is just the beginning, because in the future you will gain more experience in this profession and can earn from $5000 onwards, and if you decide to develop your career as a B2B seller, your earnings could be more than $10000.

BDR is a great opportunity to get into the SaaS industry and secure a decent remote income in a growing market.
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Take the test to determine if you are a good fit for the BDR position.
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